We believe that our latest generation of films will transform the future of horticulture & agriculture. By bringing world leading manufacturing processes to bear, we produce a range of technologically advanced films for farmers and growers in a global market.

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Our unrivalled expertise, the latest production technologies and decades of research and development at universities and on farms around the world, have enabled us to develop the Visqueen range of ‘smart’ horticultural & agricultural films.

These films not only protect crops from the vagaries of the weather and the rigours of a tough working environment – they also add significant value to your business by delivering tangible quality improvements and reducing wastage.

Our horticultural film manipulates the type and level of light entering the greenhouse to optimise both yield and crop quality and our agricultural film delivers exceptional strength and puncture resistance that is essential in the production of high quality silage.

Whether you grow strawberries in Scotland, kale in Kenya or produce silage for your cattle in Sudan we produce a film engineered to create the perfect climate for your success.

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  • Our Technology

    Our expertise in the production of high performance horticultural and agricultural films derives from over 20 years of experience using advanced raw materials and the ongoing adoption of state-of-the-art production technologies.

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  • Global Distributors

    Our extensive network of specialist distirbutors carry a stock of our products accross our horticultural and agricultural range. With product and geographically specific knowledge they are there to support you in selecting the best film for you.

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  • Research Partners

    We are committed to continually enhancing and improving polyethylene film technology for our farmers and growers. To do this, we continue to fund ongoing research through our key research partners at Lancaster University and the University of Reading, utilising their extensive knowledge base and commercial trial facilities in Europe and the Middle-East.

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